canned peach halves

  • Canned Yellow Peaches Halves In Light Syrup

    Canned yellow peach is a canned food made from yellow peaches. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber and carotene needed by the human body. it also contains selenium, zinc and other trace elements. Canned yellow peach has a unique taste. Although it contains citric acid, it has a strong sweetness. Eating canned yellow peach regularly can not only provide calories to maintain brain function, but also regulate fat metabolism in the body. Canned yellow peaches are also rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, iron and calcium, and a variety of trace elements. They are even known as the king of fruits. Generally, it can be eaten immediately after opening the lid or heated at high temperature. In the hot summer, put canned yellow peaches in the refrigerator to taste better. Process flow Raw :material selection→cutting, digging core→peeling, rinsing→pre -cooking→dressing, filling→venting, sealing→sterilizing, cooling→finished. The production season of yellow peach is form July to August.Light syrup and heavy syrup of canned yellow peach can be supplied, which can be supplied for a whole year

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