Canned Mushroom

  • Canned Sliced Mushrooms

    Canned Sliced Mushrooms

    Champignons Mushroom is also called Agaricus bisporus, which is an edible mushroom growing in mushroom house or air condition room.

    canned mushroom, there are various shapes available --- whole, slices, pieces and stems
    1. Main tin size: 184g,400g, 425g, 800g, 850g,2500g,2840g
    2. Crop season: from Nov till April
    3. Packing: in cartons
    4. Loading port: FOB Xiamen
    5. Delivery lead time: 10-15 days after prepayment and label approval
    6. Either in Buyer’s label or Supplier’s label is workable

    Use for cook: Drain and rinse Canned Champignons mushrooms before use to limit the sodium content, then add them to soups, pasta sauce, casseroles, omelets and quiches; Champignons mushroom is a good source of B vitamins.

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    Canned Whole Mushroom

    Canned Whole Mushroom

    Canned Mushrooms contain many vitamins,it contain carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, so mushrooms are also known as "vitamin A treasure house"

    Mushrooms have a sixth taste besides sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty-umami,rich in Vitamin D
    Mushrooms have strong antioxidant capacity

    Less calories,Alternative staple food
    The data shows that if people use 100 grams of tin mushrooms to replace staple foods such as fried rice for one year, even if there is no change in their diet, they can consume 18,000 calories less, which is equivalent to two kilograms of fat.

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  • Canned Shiitake Mushrooms

    Canned Shiitake Mushrooms

    Canned poku (shiitake) mushrooms are a handy store cupboard item. Poku (shiitake) mushrooms are a popular ingredient in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cuisines. In their canned form, they have a subtle flavour and texture. Historically, they were harvested from the mountain forests where they grew wild, but are now widely cultivated. Simply rinse and use in miso soups, tofu hotpots or stir-fries; their delicate flavour partners well with both tofu and chicken. Use them in Buddha’s Delight, a classic Chinese vegetarian dish, traditionally cooked in a claypot, which uses an assortment of Chinese vegetables and fungi.

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  • Canned Straw Mushrooms

    Canned Straw Mushrooms

    1.Canned straw mushrooms have a high additional mineral content; one of it is potassium and copper. It is good for heart health.
    2.Canned straw mushrooms have enough iron content to help us avoid the risk of anemia.

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