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safe cans

  • Tomato Paste In Can

    Contact NowTomato Paste In CanWe pack in different size for our customer,from 70g to 4500g.
    Most of our products are pack for South American/European/Southeast Asia country.
    Welcome to keep in touch for more information.
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  • Tomato Paste In Drum

    Contact NowTomato Paste In DrumOur canned tomato sauce in drum is 100% from pure tomato paste.
    price is more reasonable as pack in big drum.customer can repack in small tin or satchet in their own plant by their request.
    It’s popular to cannery for making canned foods in tomato sauce.
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  • Tomato Paste In Sachet

    Contact NowTomato Paste In SachetPacking:70g - 140g - 210g - 400g 3000g
    Satchet:Flat or stand
    Brix:28/30% & 22/24% & 18/20%
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