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Why Not Use Preservatives And Canned Food Can Be Stored For A Long Time?
Aug 18, 2016

Canned food production and home made tomato sauce the same principle, the raw material handling, loading tank (cans, glass bottles or pouches), after the vacuum seal, then pasteurized, cooled and the finished product is canned. After the food is loaded tank, exhaust after sealing and sterilization process, the container is completely sealed in an oxygen-free environment to achieve this sterility seal food, micro-organisms (bacteria) no growth, reproduction conditions outside of the tank the bacteria can get into the tank, so food is not corrupt, you do not need to add any preservatives. Besides canned food has been 200 years of history, was also a no preservatives said. Canned food is safe, nutritious, easy and convenient foods. In Europe, very popular in Japan, China's exports of canned food each year about 300 million tons sold in more than 100 countries. Most aerospace and submarine canned food is, in fact, canned food and our lives have been, the food and beverage industry sweet corn, tuna, mushrooms, tomato sauce, yogurt fruit, birthday cake decorated with fruits are canned food as raw material, the market is a typical rice pudding canned food.