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Requires That Food Safety Risk Monitoring And Evaluation
Aug 18, 2016

Food safety risk assessment, referring to the scientific assessment of food, the adverse effects of food additives in the biological, chemical and physical hazards to human health may cause to carried out, including hazard identification, hazard characterization, exposure assessment, risk characterization, etc. . New Food Safety Law Article 18 of the following circumstances, the food safety risk assessment should be carried out:

1, through the food safety risk monitoring or receiving the report found that food, food additives, food-related products may be a security risk;

2, for the development or revision of national food safety standards need to provide a scientific basis for risk assessment;

3, in order to identify priority areas of supervision and management, the need for key species risk assessment;

4, the discovery of new factors may endanger food security;

5, need to determine whether certain factors constitute a food safety hazard;

6, health administrative departments under the State Council that the situation requires additional risk assessment.