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Played The Main Theme Of Nutrition And Health Hit A New Blueprint Canned Food
Aug 18, 2016

Canned food as an important category of China's food industry, the canning industry is the pillar industry of China's exports of agricultural products. Canned food nutrition, health, and food with a high degree of industrialization and high security features, can be strong technical defense "security on the tongue." Meanwhile, Canned promote agricultural transformation and processing, to promote the industrialization of agriculture has a special role. In order to achieve the industrial transformation of the domestic market, the majority of canned food companies have begun to work hard on the brand and channels, which requires the industry to carry out science education and publicity, so that consumers understand convenient, fast, safe and delicious canned products, support industry sustained, healthy and rapid development of.

To this end, the development of China Canned Food Industry Association, entitled "Open the can and enjoy life," the industry as a whole communication programs leveraging trying to print, online media and other important propaganda media, scientific and rational way to promote its products and canning industry, to form a good opinion oriented industry spread positive energy. Through science education, and gradually establish canned food in the vast number of consumers a good image, and try to guide the public consumption of canned rational knowledge, expansion of domestic demand for the industry to achieve the transformation to create the necessary market conditions. Embodiments relate to a lot of organization and funding, hoping to get the attention and support of relevant state departments, to give support in policy, organization and funding, and effectively canned grief for the industry and for consumers to boost well-being.