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How To Prevent Cake Aging, Extend The Storage Time
Aug 18, 2016

1. Adjust cake storage temperature, heat and refrigeration can prevent aging products, so that the cake at 40-60 ℃, can maintain good cakes soft effect, while the cake stored at temperatures below -20 ℃, can prevent aging, but cool and speed is not slow thaw.

2, good packaging to prevent moisture loss and maintain the appearance of the product, the general packing temperature was 37-40 ℃, while cooling is not too fast, so as to avoid surface cracking.

3, select high-gluten flour cake, due to the high protein content, the proportion of the starch content of less cake volume, so the cake hardening slow.

4, add α-amylase, an enzyme in the dough and baking the early part of the starch dextrin change, thus changing the structure of Ding Fen, reduce the degradation of the starch.

5, add emulsifiers, emulsifier major role in the performance of their depth starch granules in combination with the starch into a spiral straight key organizations, thus preventing moisture while maintaining moisture from the starch removed.