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Evolution Canned
Aug 18, 2016

The first is to use glass bottles cans plus cork and wire tightly stuffed with bottle made of. The 18th century, the French general Napoleon led his army expedition Quartet, since the front is too long, a large number of food will be shipped to the front after the rot, he hopes to solve the problem of grain storage when the march to war, so he huge reward of 12,000 francs if someone could invent prevent deterioration of food technology and equipment, this huge sum of money will be awarded to him.

French Many scientists think hard for this, there was a chef named Nicolas Appert (Nicolas Appert, 1749-1841), who in the sauerkraut factory, wineries, candy shops and restaurants had been a worker. He trafficking pulp, wine and other foods, they found that some tend to deteriorate, and some are not easy to deteriorate. He stumbled, sealed in a glass container in food, if properly heated, it is non-perishable, from which he has been a great inspiration. Thus, in response to public Apel reward of food preservation methods specialized research.