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Antimicrobial Packaging Is Widely Used In Food Preservation
Aug 18, 2016

Today, people on food health and safety requirements continue to increase, food preservation and corrosion has become the focus of the development direction of the modern food industry. In this need-driven, antimicrobial packaging technology has been rapid development in the extended shelf life of food to ensure food quality and sensory quality results are obvious.

Antimicrobial packaging as an important branch of active packaging is adding antimicrobial substances to the packaging of a new packaging system formed. A combination of both diverse and flexible manner, such as antimicrobial agents can be added directly to the packaging material, packaging or surface coating or adsorption of antimicrobial agents, or per se has an antibacterial effect of packaging materials, or by ionic bonding and / or covalent bond antibacterial agent curing material in the package surface, or the use of antimicrobial individual packs and other forms of micro-organisms to achieve extended period of stagnation, slowing microbial growth rate, reducing the number of microorganisms survived bacteriostatic preservative.