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Top 10 list of junk food being questioned canned foods due to nutritional safety blitz
Aug 18, 2016

Top 10 list of junk food WHO dubious Kunming Consumers Association did not list a basis for explanation, but after comparison can be found, the list of the network before the famous "World Health Organization (WHO) announced the world's top ten junk food "coincidence, just arranged in order of difference. Many media have been reproduced in the list of WHO, "Chongqing Morning News" August 16, 2013 reported, "World Health Organization at its 113th session announced the top ten junk food, presents new global health strategy." However, "surging News" after the query data found that this meeting was held in January 2004, but was not found to the domestic and foreign media reports on the disclosure of the top ten junk food. Today, it is only through the Chinese media published the list, we have not yet found the international mainstream media reported. In addition, the WHO official website, nor to search relevant information. Well-known popular science website rumor mill shell network analysis article basis that "this is not a list of the top ten junk food from the World Health Organization (WHO) or the US research institutions." The Consumers Association of Kunming visible "consumer alert" as the old ballad heavy speculation. In the face of this kind of information society increasingly rational, science-based reiterate the fact is down to business.