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Pleasant autumn fun in the quiet beauty of time travel special dishes
Aug 18, 2016

Autumn is a beautiful season breathtaking intake, cloudless blue sky, the sun fall on the swaying leaves, everything quiet beauty and brilliant. In this season of high oxygen content to travel, more people feel the good of life. The trip's nice to feel good autumn time, advance preparation is essential to bring canned food to make you enjoy a meal on the way, so taste with audiovisual coexistence in the most enjoyable frequency.

Many delicious canned food known, but security was a lot of people misunderstand, such as canned food preservative is added one of the biggest misconceptions, in fact, long-term preservation of canned food mainly relies on vacuum, sealing and sterilization. Food filled into jars, vented, in a vacuum, resulting in oxygen-free environment, after the container is completely sealed, and then sterilized sufficiently. Therefore, no need to add any preservatives Canned able to achieve long-term preservation purposes.