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How to identify safety of canned food
Aug 18, 2016

It is a canned food, having long-term storage at room temperature, resistance to adverse external conditions ability characteristics, which occupy an important position in the field of military food is to protect soldiers in the field or sustained combat mission essentials. And field training officers to perform tasks when eating canned food, how to recognize their safety?

A look at packaging and labeling markings. Look at the packaging is neat and clean, printed handwriting is clear, formal label is complete. Regular manufacturers of canned food label complete and clear, it should be marked with the name, name and address, list of ingredients, net content and solids content, implementation of the standard code, quality grade, shelf life. See product label, a distinction certification mark. In particular, see food production date and shelf life, pay attention to whether the food beyond its expiration date.

If the trademark printing rough, plant, the name and date of production, product names printed incomplete; tin solder weld is incomplete, uneven, curling iron at the tongue, gum; glass Tiegai rust may It is inferior.

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