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Four Mistakes People canned food exist
Aug 18, 2016

The truth: Canned been able to long-term storage without deterioration, fully benefited from a sealed container and strict sterilization, nothing to do with a preservative. Canning reason is simple: First the raw material is heated sufficiently to kill all microorganisms; while the cans full heat sterilization; and then loaded into a sterile aseptic food containers, hot seal; and finally sterilized by heating after cooling, the air inside the container headspace volume shrinkage will produce negative pressure, the original seal of the bottle is more open, and outside of the bacteria can not go. After these steps, the natural foods will not corrupt, there is no need to add any preservatives. According to China Food Industry Standardization Technical Committee Secretary-General Yu Hao saying, "cans contain preservatives," it is actually a bias canned food is misleading to consumers.