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Canning industry campaign started Chinese Health Sciences passed a good life
Aug 18, 2016

Canning industry is the pillar industry of China's exports of agricultural products. Canned food nutrition, health, and food with a high degree of industrialization and high security features, can be strong technical defense "security tip of the tongue." Meanwhile, Canned promote agricultural transformation and processing, to promote the industrialization of agriculture has a special role. 2014 canning industry an important part of the press conference as a whole to promote its 2014 annual canned food industry as a whole to promote its activities in a specific embodiment, the canning industry will fully reflect the development of our country, to promote its business development process of Chinese Elite canned food, canned products to further enhance the visibility of outstanding, eliminating the majority consumers canned products the misunderstanding provide an effective platform to mobilize, and the overall success of the 2014 campaign as a whole canning industry laid the foundation. In the joint efforts of all parties, China canned industry will seize the good opportunity for development, health and nutrition shared national cause of a better future.