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Canned not open how to do, how to open cans?
Aug 18, 2016

1. Wash and dry your hands with water, so you can remove sweat or oil palm on the palm will not slip, rotational resistance will increase.

2. The left hand canned bottle upside down so that the bottom up, in the above remade three times with his right hand. This will make air bottle shock, caps naturally loose, it is easy to open the lid

3. let the canned bottle up, bottle fixed right hand, left hand a little harder to twist the lid. If you still can not open, repeat step 2!

With a small flat screwdriver, bottle of silk in place, which is the projection of the inner wall of the lid pry about, heard "hiss" sound, the bottle into the air, lifting the vacuum state, so it is easy to open.

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