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Canned food situation is expected to break the domestic and foreign markets rainbow night
Aug 18, 2016

China is regarded as "junk food" unmarketable canned, in Britain and other countries, but the most commonly consumed "nutritious and delicious", even babies have a special canned food supplement. According to the UK's largest canning company said, an ordinary British family usually within a week to eat 15 cans last year, they came up with a total consumption of 360 million lbs of canned food. At the same time, a good way to eat canned or rare and off-season ingredients. For Europeans, the season is very short and some vegetables, such as white asparagus, the Europeans will take advantage of seasonal harvest, then canned, so even if the season does not still have a chance to eat.

Canned food is a commodity many Chinese food the first to enter the international market, product quality and international standards earlier. Canning industry also has maintained a rapid pace of development. China in the international arena has almost canned in a "monopoly", however, relatively hot foreign markets canned, canned food sales in the country are rare. On the one hand, because China has abundant fresh food, canned food which directly divide up the market, but at the same time, it is also a question of consumer awareness, many consumers will easily canned food contact food additives together, and seemed to food additives the culprit is a security risk.