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Canned food companies fought in the domestic market
Aug 18, 2016

In western countries, known as the set of canned food security, health and nutrition, flavor and fun in one of the health food, per capita consumption is much higher than the national level. China's canned food consumption level is still very low, per capita annual consumption of computing, the United States is 90 kg, 50 kg in Western Europe, Japan, 23 kilograms, China is only 1 kg. Visible, the domestic market has not really started, has great potential.

Canned food has been a pillar of China's exports of agricultural products, but the traditional canned food production and processing technology is relatively simple, there is a simple packaging, easy to open, insufficient. In recent years, in order to meet the modern lifestyle and aesthetic orientation, many large domestic enterprises actively engaged in the production of canned upgrade and improve products, from raw material selection to maximize the mode of operation are taken into account the needs of consumers, so that long-term export-oriented products, but also the people to return to the table, for a variety of leisure and consumption way pot, Chinese food, tourism and so on eating out.